Not Anymore

by The Symphony Orchestra

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These songs were written and performed by Skylar Sarkis and Jon Markson. All songs © 2010, The Symphony Orchestra.
Additional backup vocals contributed by Anna Puiia.

Art by Alicia Toldi (

We recorded the bulk of “Not Anymore” during the summer of 2009 at our shared apartment in Allston, Massachusetts. Due to what was to be “an immediate eviction” if we continued, we recorded drums in some dude’s basement in Newton. Other overdubs were done in Allentown, Pennsylvania as well as New London, Connecticut.

Recording and Mixing by Jon Markson and Skylar Sarkis
Mastered by Eric Eisenberg at USDR/Loveland Studios (

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released March 15, 2010



all rights reserved


The Symphony Orchestra New York

The Symphony Orchestra consists of a rotating cast of musicians, with the only consistent members being songwriter Skylar Sarkis and producer Jon Markson.

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Track Name: Not Anymore
Do you think I can trust you?
After all, there’s a bus here
With people piling on and off
You don’t look unsatisfied at all

You only love what you can pay for
And daddy doesn’t love you like before

She can’t take it anymore
Well I’m not a fucking surgeon
There’s and EMT next door
I’m not a surgeon anymore

And I hate all these songs
Like a kid hates his mom
I get cross when I’m wrong
So listen, I’m wrong

You only enjoy what you wait for
And the only impatient ones are the crowbar and the floor

You want it straight from the heart?
I’m still uneducated
Unders packed in a car
Just trying to get faded
Yeah, we’ve got stories more than
You can remember
‘Cause you look prime in the moment but
We never surrendered

So it’s hope I’ll live without
The yellow eye is still indifferent
And I know God ain’t peaking through
I’ll never rest in peace for you
I’ll never rest in peace for you
Track Name: 1776 G Street
It’s so dark outside when you can pull this shit
Your words delivered like a loaded, sour pun
So put it into perspective for me
Put a price on my fucking life
Til’ everything subsides

A smoking Mossberg’s not the battle here
Your tire tracks are as unwelcome as your stance
And in pursuit of petty heroism you will risk your neck
Just to be a rower below deck

And when morning strikes with waking’s strife
Reminding you you’ve slept
Through a full familiar day without
The low-lifes and the bets
And another Hallmark time bomb comes
That you’re sickened to accept
And all your boys get dragged to the capital
And laid out on the front steps

It’s really dark outside and I’m as innocent
As an eight-year-old boy standing with my friends
This city’s split in sections
Fuck-up, can’t you get that through your head?
Apparently I’m not dead yet

And a hundred ghosts in white lab coats
Took our misery and left
And now the whitest clouds and smallest towns
Have no one to impress
And the sun comes up and the sun goes down and
It doesn’t seem to matter that
All your boys got dragged to the capital
And laid out on the front steps

When all your boys get dragged to the capital
And laid out on the front steps
Track Name: Cheap White Ballad
I knew a man with cheap white sneakers
His children loved him very much
And he played his trombone all day long
And we used to meet after my Dutch

He danced in rhythms great or small
And ‘far as anyone could tell
He was as pure as Abraham
A life no man could trade or sell

But then one day the hour came
Some fancy shit did go amiss
The trombone didn’t play that day
The old brown speakers only hissed

And I the faithful promise-keep
Employed by Satan’s better half
I lied until my face spun off
And looked into my soul of black

His brushstrokes long, as he was tall
And permanent is permanent
And my poor soul, awake at dawn
It was the longest day he’d ever spent

True though it was, the place where he stood
The kids never made it themselves
Those boxes were empty, that money was great
And I promised him I’d never tell

And when they brought the pigs inside
I looked at the plan on her face
It was as pure as the one that I knew
A middle-class blackmail disgrace

She fed me all the classic lines
That painfully familiar taste
It lingered on my tongue until
I fed to her the very same

And I the faithful promise-keep
With only one thing on my mind
I left as quickly as I’d come
And peered into the paradigm

Of people who I used to know
Their sneakers all looked cheap and white
And one tall man behind one door
Said things would improve with time
Not this time
Track Name: The Awful Things I Do
What a strange time to get introspective
I’ve had the same headache for a long-ass time
Everything moves in different directions
Like you

When I’m here it seems justified
To hate someone and not know why
And you’re bothered by the awful things I do

But I didn’t as for you
To analyze my moral fiber
Everyone’s got ways that they’re impure
And just ‘cause I don’t claim
To live in someone else’s name
Doesn’t mean I don’t feel just like you

There’s a pharmacy in my head today
But the difference isn’t even tangible
I’m still spiteful, what can I say?
It’s nothing new

But when you talk like words off someone’s page
Integrity don’t come with age
And you’re bothered by the awful things I do

But don’t you ever think
With a mind like yours, set on grey-scale
It’s strange you’ve even kept me here this long?
Just imagine you’ve got five
And I can’t even count all mine
How’s that fucking ratio for you?

Sure it’s a strange time to get introspective
But when you live leaned up against the outside wall
Days like this just seem to collect up
It’s nothing new

But I’m sure you’ll read the instructions right
That tell you how to live your life
And you’ll be bothered by the awful things I do
Track Name: Favorite Part
Wake to find yourself surrounded by bottles
Bed and breakfast is a mattress and a B-class model
And I’ve got a Hendrix headache that I’m trying to beat
But I love it more than you love
Watching barbeques across the street

So hand your goods over and be in class at ten
Yeah, think of it like that heaven and hell bullshit
And I’ve got a forced fondness for purgatory
Cuz the heros never win
When the dopes all run the scene

So if you want me to, I can make it start
Don’t get sore when you miss your favorite part

So read the poetry on the inside page
It doesn’t click? Then you’re not too smart for your age
But you can still go to bed and get up like you are
It takes numbing to keep staring
Out the window of the same old car

So if you want me to, I can make it start
Don’t get sore when you miss your favorite part
Another success story dropped his keys where I did on the road
Only difference is, I wasn’t going home

Wake up on a shelf in someone’s basement
I used to live upstairs but they found a replacement
And the lights never die; they just get old with the air
But I wouldn’t trade the years I didn’t spend
In a fucking chair
Track Name: Like Faces on Playing Cards
His life just kind of got sewn up
What if that happens to me?
Who said there isn’t anything in this shit?
Besides, I got it for free

I guess I got kind of distracted
With somebody you don’t know
He’s looking to head for Alaska
And I told him, just go

We never really got bothered by that
Never got tired at all
Hide and get dazed or get thrown in the maze
It wasn’t that hard of a call

Everything’s rhetorical and part of a game
And she asks why I didn’t just do it
‘Cause clutching to tradition is like clutching to fame
It fades out and then you just look stupid

So where do you go
When the shades fall down?
And it feels like your mind might be working too well
To a home away from home
Where the verdict is wealth
And they talk about virginity and loving yourself

His life just kind of got sewn up
Tired and worn out like me
And nothing ever stays this golden way
Even though that’s how you want it to be

So where do you go when the shades fall down?
And it feels like your mind might be working too well?
Track Name: The Less-Than-Historic Highway 7 North
There’s no stopping here tonight
It’s been four weeks outside and
Everything, everything looks
Blue and red and bright
Well I know
No words can be tamed
Enough to pull our minds out from the trees and
Back in to frame

So how can one listen
To the sound of steady breathing
When there’s no pride in the air?
Still seeking remission?
Why not just stand before a green screen
Stamp a number on your head and fall right in?

There’s a war uptown tonight
I hear some kids talking and
Everyone, everyone did
Not start the fight
And no one will say
“Why can’t you be more like your family is?”
And your life’s at stake

There’s no opposition
‘Cause if real resistance comes
Fools run while untouchables get fucked
No point of fruition
No that was out the window long before
We lost the will to leave our homes at all

And when words don’t come out so simple
And your chords don’t ring so true
You can spend a grey, stoned, smoky night right here
Or empty your cartridges and lose

Come on, come on
Don’t fucking wait
I just can’t stand this place or anything, anything
That’s my artistic take
Track Name: Not Anymore #2
I dreamed I had a child
He was already 10
I sent him to public school
Hoping he’d make a percent
But January lies
When the heart is open
So I don’t like to sleep anymore

I used to have a friend
He desired to be alone
Resenting every tiny back-seat ride
To his parents home
But half the jump suit army’s made
Trying to make it on your own
So I think he gave up that dream long ago

And he remembers
When he was younger
When liquid cash and four-walled freedom
Seemed like a worthwhile wait
They’ve kept him sane til’ now
He plays the game

I stood out on Crown Point
I was hoping for the best
Longing for Vermont
And headed home without a cent
I spent it all just trying
For that feeling in my chest
You know the one where everything will be fine?

So let’s think back to
Those open-door days
Where girls with accents brought us beer
And men weren’t afraid of themselves
This talk about the future doesn’t help

I’m so tired of being tired of something every day